Sand Spurs Dance Club
Sharing the Joy of Dance ~ One Step at a Time

When We Dance

  1. Contra & Squares
    Every Tuesday night starting September 13th we dance Intro to Contra and Beginner Squares from 7:15 to 9. If you've never danced, if you wish you could dance, if you feel like you'll never be able to dance, you will find something you can do in this dance class. Square & Contra Dancing are very non-threatening forms of dance in which you only learn which hand to extend. The feet just automatically follow. It's so easy that if you can literally shake hands, smile, and laugh, you can do it!!! Classes are $10.00 per dancer per night, payable at the door or in advance $108.00 for a 12-week session
    Every Tuesday Night
  2. Two Step
    Cued Ballroom dancing is a fun, easy, non-threatening way to learn ballroom dance. We teach you how to perform the steps, teach you specific dances, and then cue the dances so you don't have to remember what steps come next. Cued Ballroom is fun to do with a partner, but you'll find many dancers who dance it without a partner, so we say no partner is required. It's all about getting on the floor and moving. This session we will be teaching Two Step starting Wednesday, September 14th from 6-7PM. Classes will continue every Wednesday until all the steps have been taught. We will be accepting new students for this class through September 21, 2016. Cost for this class is $10 per person per night or $144 for an 18-week session payed up front.
    Every Wednesday Night
  3. Waltz & Rumba
    As a continuation of our previous session of Cued Ballroom, Phase I & II Waltz, we will be learning additional steps in the Phase III section of Waltz and continuing with our Phase III Rumba. If you have previously taken a class in or danced Cued Ballroom, Phase II Waltz you will enjoy learning the additional Phase III Waltz steps. We will continue to learn new steps in Rumba and Waltz and dancing every Wednesday night from 7 to 9.
    Every Wednesday Night
  4. MS/Plus/Rounds
    Thursday nights from 7-9 PM the Sand Spurs Dance Club dances alternating, announced, Mainstream, Plus, and Rounds (Cued Ballroom). If you are an experienced square or round dancer please join us every Thursday night for a night of fun, aerobic dancing as we pull out the stops dancing to top 40 hits of yesterday and today. Dance to hits from country to classical, jazz to pop, and everything in between. Dancers pay $6 per person at the door. Watchers are free!
    Every Thursday Night