Sand Spurs Dance Club
Sharing the Joy of Dance ~ One Step at a Time
About Us
Miriam Merriwether, our caller and instructor, started the Sand Spurs Dance Club about a year after she first began to call square dances.  She started the club with just a couple of squares (16 people) who were willing to come out and let her practice with them. More recently, with the addition of line dancing, the club has grown even larger. Our caller has a passion for sharing square dance throughout our local community.
Square dancing is such an easy form of dance to learn.  It is one of the few, and may actually be the only, form of dance you can learn without ever being told where to put your feet.
You'll often hear us say, "If you can walk and shake hands, you can square dance." Within seconds of getting on the dance floor you will know enough to be dancing.  We believe in getting our dancers dancing as soon as possible.
Many dancers come to us with the desire to only learn line dancing, but when they see how much fun we have square dancing, their feet just can't sit still and we find them on the floor dancing both squares and lines.
Come check us out. We promise you'll have fun, no matter what you choose to do.
Sand Spurs dance beginning squares and Contra every Tuesday night from 7:15-9, cued ballroom classes every Wednesday night from 6-9, and alternating Mainstream & Plus squares and rounds every Thursday night from 7-9 (see Events  for more info).
Cost is $10.00 per person, per night, payable at the door.
17 Industrial Street NW
Fort Walton Beach, FL