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Sand Spurs Square Dancers
Line Dance
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Square Dance
Line Dance
Cued Ballroom
Don't let it fool you.  Square dancing isn't a form of dance for the "old folks" any more!  We dance intricate patterns to modern music.  No more "boom chuck", twangy country music.  Our caller/instructor is a professional singer who believes in bringing the dance to life with today's latest music, from Lady Gaga to Bruno Mars, Classical to Country.  And it's so easy to learn!
Because we've heard your desire to learn line dance from the bottom up, we break down each dance step and teach it so your body can gain "muscle memory".  Our instructor uses varying techniques to make sure "no dancer is left behind!"
Ballroom dancing is all the rage, but let's face it, it's expensive to learn.  Not to mention, the level of difficulty and precision expected is usually very high. Our classes take the pressure off, realizing that most people just want to learn ballroom dancing for fun and exercise. Let us take the stress (and expense) away by teaching you specific dance steps, and then cueing those steps as you dance them. Come let us show you how we make the dancing easy!
What We Do
Why We Do It
We teach square, line, and cued ballroom dancing in a fun, stress-free setting.  Every night is like a party.  The dancers develop close relationships and we encourage our dancers to get to know each other not just through our classes, but through special dances held on weekends, special dance outings to other clubs, and non dance get togethers (quarterly dinners, etc.). Participate as much or as little as you like.
Our caller/instructor loves to sing and perform. She also loves to teach. Teaching square, line, and cued ballroom has given her an outlet to reach others with her talents. After hearing that "square dance is a dying form of dance" she has made it her passion to introduce square dancing to everyone she meets. Because square dance is the first truly American form of dance we believe it is something that must be passed on to other generations of dancers.
Benefits of Dance
Join Us
In recent years research has been conducted which proves dancing can stave off dementia because it stimulates the cognitive functions of the brain.  Our dancers have personally reported lowering cholesterol levels, extreme weight loss, control of weight, therapeutic results after stroke, and many other health benefits. If you are sitting alone on the couch, and just simply miss the touch of another human being, we are here for you.
We want you to come learn to dance with us. Even if you feel like you have 2 left feet or that you absolutely cannot learn to dance, we can help you.  If nothing else, come out and watch. Our beginner level square and line dance classes are every Tuesday night from 7:15-9 PM and cued ballroom dance classes for Two Step are every Wednesday night from 6:30-8 and 8-9 PM for Phase II & III Waltz. Alternating MS & Plus Squares & Rounds are on Thursday nights from 7-9 PM.